Spring school

Here you can find the slides of the Mini-Courses given at the Spring school (24. – 28.04.2017) as part of the trimester program “Applied and Computational Algebraic Topology” at the Hausdorff Institute of Mathematics in Bonn, Germany.


Dmitry Kozlov – Simplicial models in distributed computing

Martin Raussen – Topological and combinatorial models of directed path spaces

Ulrich Bauer – Algebraic perspectives of Persistence (The stability of persistence barcodes)

Samuel Mimram – Directed geometric models of concurrent programs

Maurice Herlihy – Distributed Computing through Combinatorial Topology

Daniel Hug – Introduction to Stochastic Geometry and point processes for spatial statistics

Roy Meshulam – High Dimensional Expansion

Michael Farber – Topology of large random spaces

Ginestra Bianconi – Large random complex networks

Ran Levi – Topological analysis of neural systems