How-To: Write and publish a post

To post and comment on this site, you need to have an approved account.

  1. Sign in with your account.
  2. In the navigation menu go to the menu point “Posts” on the left hand side and click on “add new”.
  3. Enter the information you want to post by either using the
    1. visual editor interface or
    2. the text interface.
  4. Now click on publish the post by clicking on “Update”¬†on the right hand side and select an appropriate category. You can preview your changes and it can only be seen by everyone if you select “Public” for the point “Visibility” (right hand side menu)
  5. Now you can see the post (by clicking on “Preview Changes”).
  6. If you want to edit the post (or older ones) go to “All Posts” under the menu point “Posts”. here you can find all your posts and you can edit them.